Hong Kong Engagement Shoot on Film: Kitty & Pierre

Another Hong Kong engagement shoot which really shows a different side of the city.  If you pay closer attention, the Sheung Wan area has lot of little gems and hidden spots which feel quite European, but are so quintessentially Hong Kong at the same time.  Kitty and Pierre obviously put a lot of thought into their tasteful and sophisticated details which matched perfectly with the pastel urban backdrops.  Don’t you just love the flutter of Kitty’s dress in the soft breeze?  And the pops of colour in her shoes and Pierre’s socks?

A lot of effort went into planning this session, but some things didn’t go according to plan!  It was one of the foggiest days in Hong Kong that day, and when we reached our second location at the Peak, we could not see beyond 2 feet!  So we drove back down and searched for a park where we could carry on with the second part of our shoot.  We were quite lucky to have stumbled upon this little patch of grass (yes, it was a just patch of grass…) when the sky was already getting quite dark.  Thanks to Pierre and Kitty’s trust, it turned out beautifully and we all had so much fun on the day despite the horrible weather!

L~ F~:

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