A sweet seaside soiree: Ali & Dom

These two are old friends from university and they’ve been together for as long as I remember.  In fact, it’s now been exactly 11.5 years!  Amazing huh?

This was my first engagement session by the sea and after this, I have to say I can’t wait til the next one.  The calming hues of blue, gentle sea breeze and soft light of a cloudy day were nothing short of magical.  Check out those giant lollipops that added some extra sweetness to the session!

P.S. Thanks to Ali for singlehandedly gathering all the mosquitoes in the area so that the rest of us were untouched!  A painful experience for you, but I hope the photos are worth it!

L~ F~:

Thanks! Yes love them! Think they’re from Papabubble in Tin Hau.

Gorgeously captured Isa! Love the giant lollypops!

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