DIY picnic perfect: Joyce & Raymond

I love everything about this session, not just because these two are old friends but also because of all the tireless effort they put into it.  I don’t think I’ll ever get to work with a bride quite so conscientious as Joyce.  From the hardcover Jane Austen classics specially purchased from Amazon to the collected old jam jars and floral arrangements, no detail was amiss.  I wish I could post up the list of preparation items she sent me (in the form of a drawing), but I think she’d kill me if I did.

There was a little mishap with the bouquet ordered from the florist.  Joyce was devastated with the deep red roses which were meant to be pink.  I thought it was the end of the world when I saw the expression on her face.  But all was well, we still had the pink camellia, yellow mini buttons and wheat purchased by Joyce’s mum for the picnic, which we artfully crafted into a DIY bouquet.  I was secretly thanking her tasteful mum for saving the day.

So enjoy and feast on the details.  🙂

A few black and white collegiate ones to start with…

I love HKU with its pastel walls and wooden doors and window frames.

Picnic perfect

Our DIY bouquet

Look at the effort that went into organising the florals!

What picnic is complete without champagne and strawberries?

L~ F~:

Love these isa! especially the glasses ones and the locker one…. very different!

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