A tasteful afternoon: Brenda, Faith, Joyce & Michelle

Everything was perfect.  The place, the people, the weather, even the food.  (Yes, girls, your paella was just as good as the chef’s.)  Even Hida got to take a huge piece of pork chop home as a gift from Matt the chef!

It was my first time shooting a cooking class, but I certainly hope it won’t be the last.  Spending an afternoon with good food and beautiful company (I’m talking about Hida, by the way) is just too hard to resist!  🙂

The session took place at Corner Kitchen, which was the most delightfully furnished little shop at Po Hing Fong.  (To find out more about this awesome place, click here.)  Every little detail was well thought out, from the lemons and limes in bamboo baskets to the perfectly arranged carnations in the little green vase.  I just wish there were more places like this in Hong Kong.

Happy Hida who didn’t know about the gift yet.

Brenda introduced me to this absolutely gorgeous place. Couldn’t have asked for a better location to shoot.

I’m sucker for details. And this place is full of them.

Snacks before cooking. I think they decided to do this from experience!

Keen students

Our chef was also Aussie!

Family portrait, of course!

It was an absolute pleasure to have met you girls. And thanks for the paella! 🙂

L~ F~:

wahh this is so nice!!!

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